8th Asian Bird Fair – Ulsan Schedule of Activities

The 8th Asian Bird Fair – Ulsan is coming this November 2017! Below is the provisional schedule of activities for the ABF. More details to follow! See you in Ulsan this November!

8th Asian Bird Fair – Ulsan Metropolitan City, Korea (ROK)
Provisional Schedule for November 17-21, 2017

November 17/Friday
Arrival in Ulsan, transfer to Hyundai Hotel (1 hour)
16:00 Registration
16:00-18:00 Asian Migration Symposium (ABF ExecComm)
18:00-20:00 Welcome Dinner

November 18/Saturday
08:30-10:00 Exhibition/Booths Set-up (Promotional Hall)
10:00-10:30 Opening Ceremony (outdoor stage)
10:30-12:00 Visit to Promotion Hall
12:00-13:30 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Festival (performance)
15:00-17:00 Asian Ecotourism Forum (ABF ExecComm)
17:00-17:30 Tea Time
17:30-18:30 Observation of Rook Group Dance at Taehwa Bird Park
18:30-20:00 Dinner

November 19/Sunday
06:00-17:30 Observation of Rook Dawn Group Dance at Taehwa Bird Park
07:30-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-12:00 Bird Watching Walk (Optional) by the Taehwa Riverside
12:00-13:30 Lunch
14:00-16:00 20th Eco-Tourism Region Forum
16:00-17:00 Festival (performance)
18:00-20:00 Fellowship Dinner

November 20/Monday
09:00-17:00 Eco-Tourism Tour
18:00-20:00 Turn Over Dinner to host ABF 2018 (Passing on of ABF Fair Flag)

November 21/Tuesday
09:00 Returning and Post-tour begins