Site Inspections and More for the 9th ABF Chiayi!

As part of the preparations for the upcoming 9th Asian Bird Fair in Chiayi, Taiwan, ABF Execom members conducted a site inspection and got a preview of what’s in store for the bird fair in November.


From Taoyuan International Airport, Asian Bird Fair Execom members Andrew Sebastian, Victor Yu, and Mike Lu were whisked off via the High Speed Rail to Yunlin County in southern Taiwan.

The Execom had a radio interview to promote the 9th Asian Bird Fair in November. 

Site inspections for the Asian Bird Fair venue and the ecotourism sites, meeting with the officers of the South West National Scenic Area and partaking of a local Chiayi food festival.

Southern branch of the National Palace Museum in Chiayi
Meeting with Director Hsu of the South West National Scenic Area of the Taiwan Tourism Board, our partner organization for the 9th Asian Bird Fair


9th Asian Bird Fair grounds

Last full working day in Taiwan. Site inspection of birdwatching and cultural attractions in Chiayi and back in Taipei for a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ending with a sumptuous Peking duck dinner.

Beimen Crystal Church
Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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