How it started..
The Asian Bird Fair (ABF) is an annual event created to highlight the different bird fairs in Asia, to promote the protection of birds and their habitats, encourage birdwatching and other ecotourism activities.

What started as an idea mooted over lunch in Thailand’s Bangpoo in 2009 (Thailand Bird Fair 2009) was developed further and turned into an official collaboration between 6 organisations covering 5 countries.

The Asian Bird Fair Network (ABF) was formalised at Malaysia’s Raptor Watch 2010 with signatories committing to jointly promote each other’s bird events and special considerations and allocation be granted to member organisations.

1st official meeting to discuss about the Asian Bird Fair back in 2010 during the 2010 Raptor Watch in Malaysia.

1st official meeting to discuss about the Asian Bird Fair back in 2010 during the 2010 Raptor Watch in Malaysia.

ABF grows and gets organised..
Growing strength to strength, an ABF Network Committee was also formed in 2010 and this structure was further developed in 2013 at the ABF Network Meeting during Taipei International Birdwatching Fair 2013. All network members were present. It was decided that to better manage the daily running of the growing ABF Network, a new EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE was formed comprising of 3 founding members to ensure regular communications and feedback. Victor Yu (Taiwan), Michael Lu (Philippines) and Andrew Sebastian (Malaysia) was endorsed and elected as ‘ExeComm’ Members. This is an appointment of individuals, not organisations. The ExeComm will liaise and deal with the daily management and Coordination of the ABF Network and report/update the ABF Network members regularly. Their duties will include coordinating, updating and managing the website, Facebook, email, coordinate booth and privileges for ABF Network members and represent the ABF Network at ocular trips. The ExeComm will meet remotely/physically at least 4 times a year.

At this same meeting, an ABF COUNCIL was also set up & reorganised for Founding Organisations to support the ExeComm. ABF Council comprises of Wild Bird Club of Philippines, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Nature Society Singapore, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand and Malaysian Nature Society. The ABF Council will decide on the award of the ABF event and regulate the membership to the ABF Network. The ABF Council will meet physically at least once a year.

ABF Events so far..
The 6 founding organizations took turns in hosting the ABF, starting with the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (Davao, 2010), Chinese Wild Bird Federation (Tainan, 2011), Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (Bangpoo, 2012), The Wild Bird Society of Taipei (Taipei, 2013).

ABF 2014 was hosted by the Malaysian Nature Society at the Geopark Hotel in the majestic islands of Langkawi with the theme FLYING HIGH, ISLAND STYLE!

ABF 2015 will be hosted by Nature Society (Singapore) while ABF 2016 will be hosted by Jingshan County, Hubei Province, CHINA in November that year.   Beyond that, the ABF Network welcomes interest from other organisations in the region to host ABF 2017 and thereafter..

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