9th ABF ADVISORY – Updated

This advisory is for the participants of the 9th Asian Bird Fair in Chiayi, Taiwan this coming November 16-20, 2018.


  • If you have not paid for your delegate fee yet, kindly pay online by clicking this link:  https://core.spgateway.com/EPG/sentraveltpe/nHNgCu
  • If you need visa assistance, kindly email Victor Yu at yuvictor56@gmail.com.
  • If you have not included your flight details upon registration, kindly do so as soon as you have booked your flight by sending an email to abirdfair@gmail.com cc to ecotourismtaiwan@gmail.com.
  • Try to book your flight to arrive at the Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei) on the early afternoon of November 16 at the latest in order to attend the Welcome Dinner in the evening.


  • At the Taoyuan International Airport, look for directions to the MRT Station.
    • If you arrive at Airport Terminal 1, your MRT station is A12.
    • If you arrive at Airport Terminal 2, your MRT station is A13.
  • From A12 or A13, purchase an MRT ticket to Taoyuan HSR Station A18.
    • The cost of the ticket is NT$ 35.00.
  • Please see illustrations below. Kindly see this link for MTR details, https://www.taoyuan-airport.com/english/taoyuan_metro



  • Upon arrival at MRT Station A18 (Taoyuan HSR Station), Jason of SEN Travel (wearing 9th ABF shirt) will be on hand to assist ABF delegates with directions to the HSR trains. Elvis of SEN Travel (wearing 9th ABF shirt) will assist delegates who booked online to get the ticket and seats at the Taoyuan HSR Station.
    • The regular one-way ticket is NT$ 920.00.  We suggest purchasing your tickets online at least one day before your arrival and it would cost NT$ 736.00 only. The ticket is only valid for 30 days, so make sure you do not buy your tickets too early. To purchase your HSR ticket from Taoyuan to Chiayi online, click:  https://sentravel.welcometw.com/tour/kxA
  • The organizers will pick up delegates at the HSR Chiayi Station for transfer to Renyi Lake Hotel on November 16.   Click here to know more about the hotel http://www.renyilakehotel.com.tw/en/
  • For delegates who are planning to go to Chiayi earlier than November 16, we suggest staying at the Madison de Chine in Chiayi City (http://chiayi.maisondechinehotel.com/en/index.php), or we may help you to book the hotel by request. We will arrange for a bus to pick-up delegates at the Madison de Chine at 1230 on November 16 to bring to the Renyi Lake Hotel, the official hotel of the 9th ABF.
  • For delegates arriving at the Renyi Lake Hotel before 1400 on November 16, we have arranged for a visit to the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum. You can visit the exhibits at the museum (free of charge) or go birding in the park around the museum.  A bus will pick up delegates at Renyi Lake Hotel at 1400.
  • No meal service after the Welcome Dinner in the hotel on November 16. Instant noodles will be prepared for those who missed dinner, we suggest you to get something at the HSR Station before going to the hotel. Repeat: if you arrive late, you will miss the Welcome Dinner.


  • Two (2) t-shirts will be given to participants. The blue shirt should be worn on Day 1 and the white shirt on Day 2.
  • English translators will be provided. But on the first day, a few translators will have to serve 2 booth due to lack of enough volunteers.
  • Due to numerous inquiries, we are opening 8 speaking slots on November 18 for delegates to promote their conservation projects or ecotourism activities. Each slot will be allocated 15 minutes maximum. Kindly email Victor Yu at ecotourismtaiwan@gmail.com with the subject: Ecotourism sharing session, indicate your name, organization/company and a short description of your proposed talk (3 sentences max).  Only CBGA, BCST, and Extremadura have registered. We have 5 more slots.
  • For the dinners of November 17 and 18, tokens of appreciation will be given per organization. Delegates may also give tokens of appreciation to the dinner host.  Tokens can be in the form of books and bird-related merchandise or food produce or crafts from your country of origin.
  • For the dinner on November 17, we suggest delegates to wear your native/ethnic attire. We understand if you cannot do so but it will make the dinner more festive. No other dress code for the other dinners.
  • For the dinner on November 18, we are conducting a silent auction/raffle.  Delegates are asked to donate items worth at least USD $ 5 and these will be auctioned out at USD 1.  Mechanics will be provided later but we assure you this will be a fun experience! Items donated does not have to be related to birds or birdwatching.  These can be books, handicrafts, food, etc. from your country.


  • The venue of the Asian Bird Fair is the High Heel Park. Each organization will be provided with a 3m x 3m tent with electrical outlet. Please bring your own adaptor. The booth will be covered 3 sides with bars for hanging tarps and banners. Two (2) tables and 4 chairs will be provided in the booth. Stationary like, rope, cable ties, scissors, knife, tape, mark pen, etc., are prepared at the information.



  • We are coming up with a souvenir program. Kindly send the logo of your organization/company ASAP to ecotourismtaiwan@gmail.com to be included in the souvenir program.
  • This is one of the largest ABFs in terms of foreign delegates who confirmed participation with more than 180 foreign delegates representing 58 organizations (NGOs and commercial operators) from 29 countries. We will send the official list of exhibitors later.  As a special offer to international delegates, we are offering The Field Guide to the Birds of Taiwan, English version at US$ 30.00 only (25% off from USD40). To order your copies, kindly click https://goo.gl/EFvjtl.


  • The weather in Chiayi in November could be mild and dry, perhaps a little windy. Average temperature is about 22C゚(25C゚-17C゚). But if you are joining a post tour to the mountains, the temperature could drop to 10C゚or even lower.
  • Click HERE for the schedule of activities for the ABF proper.

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