6th Asian Bird Fair – Singapore

The 6th Asian Bird Fair was held in the Singapore Botanic Gardens in Singapore last October 31 to November 1, 2015. The Singapore Botanic Gardens (ABG) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was a great venue for the fair. The Nature Society (Singapore) (NSS) spearheaded the event, inviting delegates from all over to participate.

The theme for the 6th ABF was “For People, For Nature, For Future” and gave emphasis on the conservation of the environment and, of course, birds. To give their support were 22 organizations from different countries, each advocating birdwatching and promoting their respective country’s natural treasures.

The event kicked off with a number of activities including nature walks and nature talks for the public in the SBG organized by NSS. On the second day, a mini bird race was held for the delegates. After the two-day event, a post-fair birding tour was organized for some delegates where they visited a number of birding sites around Singapore.

Click here to read Nature Society (Singapore)’s article about the 6th ABF.

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