Program of Activities for 7th ABF – Jingshan, China

Mark your calendars!

Here is the schedule and program of activities for the upcoming
7th Asian Bird Fair!


7th Asian Bird Fair – Jingshan County in Hubei Province of China

20161111-15November 11-15, 2016


1111日星期五November 11/ Friday

抵达京山,入住豪威大酒店Arrival in Wuhan, transfer to Jingshan (2-3 hours)

Check-in Hao Wei Hotel

请尽可能安排于午前抵达*Kindly schedule morning or early afternoon arrivals


For early arrivals, an optional afternoon tour is scheduled

15:30 Birdwatching tour to Hui Ting Reservoir


18:00-20:00 Welcome Dinner


1112日星期六November 12/ Saturday


08:30出发至文峰公园,布置摊位和展位Booth Set-up

10:00开幕式Opening Ceremonies


13:30赏鸟博览会活动开始Festival starts

14:00生态旅遊论坛Ecotourism Forum

17:00活动结束Festival closes

18:00 晚餐Dinner

19:30 大型歌舞《中国风京山情》Chinese Musical


1113日星期日November 13/ Sunday


09:00 赏鸟博览会活动开始Festival starts

10:00迷你赏鸟比赛Mini bird race


13:00赏鸟博览会活动开始Festival starts

14:00生态旅遊论坛Ecotourism Forum

17:00活动结束Festival closes

18:30闭幕式暨接交晚宴Asian Bird Fair Turnover Dinner


1114日星期一November 14/Monday


08:00赴杨集鸳鸯湖看野生鸳鸯Mandarin Duck watching at Mandarin Duck Lake, Yang Ji Town

10:00 绿林镇鸳鸯溪山庄上游观鸟Birdwatching at Mandarin Duck Creek at Lu Lin Town

12:00 绿林镇午餐Lunch at Lu Lin Town

13:30 赏中华秋沙鸭Chinese Merganser watching

15:00 参观三阳镇小学Visit San Yang Elementary School

16:00 返程Return to hotel

18:30 ABF专场暨欢送晚宴ABF night and Farewell dinner


1115日星期二November 15/Tuesday

会后赏鸟行程出发Departure for post tour

出发往武汉天河机场或武汉(汉口、武昌)高铁站Departure for Wuhan(airport and high speed rail station)


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