Jingshan Preview: ABF Execom Trip

ABF Executive Committee (ExecComm) member, Mike Lu, shares his photographs from his ocular trip to Jingshan County last 2015 with fellow ExecComm members Victor Yu and Andrew Sebastian. Jingshan is the venue for the upcoming 7th Asian Bird Festival this November 11-15, 2016. And so the work begins for the three ExecComm members of the Asian … Continue reading Jingshan Preview: ABF Execom Trip

7th ABF – Jingshan Post-fair Tours

第七届亚洲(京山)赏鸟博览会会后赏鸟行程 7th Asian Bird Fair - Jingshan Post-fair Tours (总共8个行程A total of 8 tours) There are a number of tours being offered after the 7th Asian Bird Fair in Jingshan. Below is a summary of the 8 tours available to participants of the 7th ABF. For more details, including day-by-day itineraries and tour fees, download … Continue reading 7th ABF – Jingshan Post-fair Tours

Register Now for the 7th Asian Bird Fair!

Registration to 7th Asian Bird fair in Jingshan, Hubei, China is now open to all. The 7th ABF will be on 11-15 November 2016. For INVITED ORGANIZATIONAL DELEGATES: Kindly read the invitation letter and fill up the registration form, both found in the site. Click HERE to register. For OTHER GUESTS: Please download the guest … Continue reading Register Now for the 7th Asian Bird Fair!