CHIAYI COUNTY: Site of the 9th ABF

Only a few more months left before the Asian Bird Fair in Chiayi, Taiwan in November!

poster used on 9th ABF fb page

Chiayi County is located in Taiwan’s South West Coast and is the best place to see the Pied Avocet in Taiwan. The Pied Avocet is featured in the logo of the upcoming 9th Asian Bird Fair this November.  Chiayi boasts of many ecosytems, one of which is a healthy coastal environment thriving with rich biodiversity and is a habitat for a variety of wildlife.

Pied Avocet-logo bird (2)
Pied Avocet – the featured bird in the 9th ABF logo.

Among these ecosystems are the Aoqu Wetland,

which is the largest wetland in Taiwan.

The main gate of Aogu Wetland
The main gate of Auqo Wetland
Black-faced Spoonbill (3)
Black-faced Spoonbill
Great Cormorant in Aogu
Great Cormorants in flight
Pied Avocet (2)
Pied Avocets

It also houses the salt fields of Budai Township as well as a variety of ponds, mudflats, lagoons, and forests. These serve as habitat and foraging grounds for resident and migratory birds. Egrets, plovers, sandpipers, ducks, geese, and gulls flock to these sites during migratory season and the coastline of Chiayi is also a great place for raptor watching. For more information on the birding sites in Chiayi, click HERE.

Common Redshank
Common Redshank
The Whisker Tern at dusk of Aogu
Whiskered Terns at dusk

Lots of exciting things to see and discover in Chiayi and what better time to explore these and more than during the 9th Asian Bird Fair! Stay tuned for more details.