ABF ExecCom Ocular Trip to Kuching

Asian Bird Fair ExecCom members Mike Lu, Andrew Sebastian, and Victor Yu flew to Kuching from their respective countries for an ocular trip last March 21-25, 2019. This was in preparation for the upcoming 10th Asian Bird Fair to be held at the Kuching Waterfront, Sarawak, Malaysia on September 27 – October 1, 2019 in partnership with EcoMy.

Kuching Waterfront promenade, site of the 10th Asian Bird Fair.

Part of the ocular trip was a series of meetings. The ABF ExecCom met with the Kuching Bird Club, Sarawak Convention Bureau, and the Sarawak Tourism Board.

Visit to the Sarawak Convention Bureau 

With only a few more months to go before the 10th ABF, participants can look forward to establishing contacts with a good number of conservation NGOs and birdwatching clubs throughout Asia as well as meet with tour operators from other continents, particularly Central and South America. Of course, delegates will be given many opportunities to discover the cuisine and culture, as well as the natural heritage of Kuching.

Sarawak laksa!  Prepare to the taste the exotic flavours of Sarawak!  
In downtown Kuching, colonial structures stand side by side
with traditional Chinese shophouses.
The Brown-throated Sunbird is a common bird in Kuching.

More details of the 10th ABF Kuching to be released soon!

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