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7th ABF – Jingshan Post-fair Tours

第七届亚洲(京山)赏鸟博览会会后赏鸟行程 7th Asian Bird Fair – Jingshan Post-fair Tours (总共8个行程A total of 8 tours) There are a number of tours being offered after the 7th Asian Bird Fair in Jingshan. Below is a summary of the 8 tours available to participants of the 7th ABF. For more details, including day-by-day itineraries and tour fees, download … Continue reading

ABF Friend in the Himalayas: Rajendra Gurung

Meet Rajendra Gurung. He is the current General Secretary of Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) who we have met in the previous Asian Bird Fairs . He is also a bird conservationist and a tour manager. Rajendra has shown interest and is keen to have a bird fair or even an Asian Bird Fair in his country. In … Continue reading

Thank you for joining us in Chiayi!

The Asian Bird Fair (ABF) is a network between countries in Asia to promote the various regional bird fairs and the value of ecotourism in each country. We are committed in promoting the importance of ecotourism and appreciation of birds in the Asian region.