ABF ExeComm on the Move!

The Asian Bird Fair Executive Committee has been busy promoting the annual event and, of course, birdwatching. These are the things they have been doing the past year:

July 2015 – At Tangkoko Lodge, Indonesia, the ABF Executive Committee had a meeting with the Bitung Tourism team led by Ms Rita. They talked about the ABF and also future plans to promote and protect birds in North Sulawesi.


July 2015 – The ABF Executive Committee met with the North Sulawesi Province Department of Tourism to discuss networking and related matters. Included in the discussions was inviting them to join the ABF in Singapore.


October 2015 – ABF Executive Committee members Mike Lu and Victor Yu attended the Taipei Bird Fair. The ABF had a booth in the fair grounds.

October 2015 – ABF Executive Committee member Andrew Sebastian attended the American Birding Expo in Columbus, Ohio.


December 2015 – The ABF Executive Committee was at the 10th Philippine Bird Festival. The event was hosted by the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines and the province of Bataan.


December 2015 – ABF Executive Committee and founding member Victor Yu promoted the ABF at the Birdwatching and Ecotourism Workshop in Seosan, Korea.


December 2015 – Victor also went to Ulsan, Korea and talked to Taehwa River Ecotourism and an officer from Ulsan City Government.


2015 was indeed a busy year for the Executive Committee! Now that it is 2016, work continues to be done in preparation for the 7th Asian Bird Fair in Jingshan, China! We hope to see you there!