ABF Hosting Requirements

The Asian Bird Fair (ABF) is an annual event created to highlight the different bird fairs in Asia, to promote the protection of birds and their habitats, encourage birdwatching, and other ecotourism activities.

ASIAN BIRD FAIR (ABF) – Hosting Criteria

ABF 2023 is now open for hosting. This process will begin immediately and listed below are the standard requirements.

Criteria for Potential Hosts

Interested organizations must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Present a letter of intent to host the Asian Bird Fair by 31st December  2022. The letter must include proposed dates, venue and letter of support from local government/national government agencies. Other important information such as themes, bird species to be highlighted and draft schedule of activities should be included if available.
  2. Attend at least one regional bird event prior to hosting the ABF.
  3. Organize and host an Ocular Trip for the ABF Executive Committee (ExecComm) to the festival site at least 5 months before holding the ABF.
  4. Organize a 3-day official Asian Bird Fair starting with a Welcome Dinner on the eve of the ABF, a 2-day bird fair and an ecotourism/cultural tour of the host city and/or its’ environs on the third day.
  5. Invite the Asian Bird Fair Network members and other related organizations based on the recommendations and approval by the ABF ExecComm.
  6. Where possible, the host should sponsor at least 1 round air fare to each of the ABF ExecComm.
  7. Each of the invited organizations above should be provided a booth to promote their organizations and activities.
  8. Provide local transportation (airport to venue to airport), board and lodging for at least 2 delegates (3 in the case of the ABF ExecComm) of the invited organizations for the duration of the Asian Bird Fair.  Extra delegates to be charged accordingly.
  9. Partner with the local government of the host city to promote ecotourism potential such as cultural sites, crafts, cuisine, and where possible, partner with the national agencies concerning tourism, environment and education.
  10. Encourage local community and learning institution participation.
  11. To host a Turnover Dinner during the preceding ABF to launch their ABF. The program should include a session to discuss feedback and to encourage the hosting of the succeeding ABF.
  12. Preference for ABF potential hosts will be given to organizations with existing bird festivals/fairs.

Proposed Schedule

The schedule of events during the ABF should be as follows:

Eve of the Bird Fair

  • Welcome Dinner

1st Day of the bird fair

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • ABF Network Meeting
  • Fellowship Dinner
  • Exhibits / booths / talks

2nd Day of the Bird Fair

–    Dialogue with participating organizations

  • Closing Ceremonies
  • Fellowship Dinner

3rd Day of the Bird Fair

–    Ecotour

  • Turnover Dinner on the last day

4th Day of the Bird Fair

  • Check Out / Post Tour (duration of post tour is subject to host capacity)

Additional Requirements

During the Asian Bird Fair, the host must do the following:

  1. Organize a Welcome Dinner to be hosted by/with the local government or partner (i.e. city mayor or tourism department or similar).  Program must include a speaking slot for the ABF ExecComm and to acknowledgement all participating organizations and exchange of tokens.
  2. During the course of the bird fair, to host a meeting for the ABF Network.
  3. During the Opening Ceremonies, include slot for a representative from the ABF ExecComm to deliver a message.
  4. Turnover Dinner to be shouldered by the host of the succeeding ABF to introduce the next venue, date, theme, logo, proposed schedule and attractions of the host city. If possible, a representative of the local government partner of the next host city should also be present.  Program must include a message from the ABF ExecComm, presentation of logos and snapshots of previous ABFs in chronological order.
  5. Farewell Dinner. All organizations to give a short talk and exchange tokens with the host organization and to organize a group photo.
  6. Organize a post fair birdwatching tour for paying delegates.

For further inquiries of information, kindly contact the ABF Network at abirdfair@gmail.com