Program of Activities for 7th ABF – Jingshan, China

Mark your calendars!

Here is the schedule and program of activities for the upcoming
7th Asian Bird Fair!


7th Asian Bird Fair – Jingshan County in Hubei Province of China

20161111-15November 11-15, 2016


1111日星期五November 11/ Friday

抵达京山,入住豪威大酒店Arrival in Wuhan, transfer to Jingshan (2-3 hours)

Check-in Hao Wei Hotel

请尽可能安排于午前抵达*Kindly schedule morning or early afternoon arrivals


For early arrivals, an optional afternoon tour is scheduled

15:30 Birdwatching tour to Hui Ting Reservoir


18:00-20:00 Welcome Dinner


1112日星期六November 12/ Saturday


08:30出发至文峰公园,布置摊位和展位Booth Set-up

10:00开幕式Opening Ceremonies


13:30赏鸟博览会活动开始Festival starts

14:00生态旅遊论坛Ecotourism Forum

17:00活动结束Festival closes

18:00 晚餐Dinner

19:30 大型歌舞《中国风京山情》Chinese Musical


1113日星期日November 13/ Sunday


09:00 赏鸟博览会活动开始Festival starts

10:00迷你赏鸟比赛Mini bird race


13:00赏鸟博览会活动开始Festival starts

14:00生态旅遊论坛Ecotourism Forum

17:00活动结束Festival closes

18:30闭幕式暨接交晚宴Asian Bird Fair Turnover Dinner


1114日星期一November 14/Monday


08:00赴杨集鸳鸯湖看野生鸳鸯Mandarin Duck watching at Mandarin Duck Lake, Yang Ji Town

10:00 绿林镇鸳鸯溪山庄上游观鸟Birdwatching at Mandarin Duck Creek at Lu Lin Town

12:00 绿林镇午餐Lunch at Lu Lin Town

13:30 赏中华秋沙鸭Chinese Merganser watching

15:00 参观三阳镇小学Visit San Yang Elementary School

16:00 返程Return to hotel

18:30 ABF专场暨欢送晚宴ABF night and Farewell dinner


1115日星期二November 15/Tuesday

会后赏鸟行程出发Departure for post tour

出发往武汉天河机场或武汉(汉口、武昌)高铁站Departure for Wuhan(airport and high speed rail station)


Venue for 8th ABF Announced!

Big Announcement!

As preparations are getting underway for the 7th Asian Bird Fair in Jingshan China, the ABF Executive Committee is proud to announce that Taehwa River Eco Tourism(TRET), Ulsan, Korea is the host of the 8th Asian Bird Fair in 2017.


More details coming! In the meantime, mark your calendars and book your flights for the 7th Asian Bird Fair in Jingshan, China on November 11-15, 2016! See you there!

See You at the 7th ABF in Jingshan!

Mark your calendars! The 7th Asian Bird Fair is set to be held on November 11-15, 2016 in Jingshan.

Jingshan, Hubei Province of China is the venue of the 7th Asian Bird Fair (ABF.) The wonderful geological environment and vast wetlands in the Province make it an ideal habitat for birds and provides a sanctuary for migrant species as well. So far, 209 species of birds have been recorded in Jingshan.


Here is a video showcasing Jingshan: A Paradise of Birds. 鳥的天堂-京山

See you there!